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60 Minutes of pure training fun!  You will leave sweaty, at some point you'll laugh, and you will definitely be challenged!  Multiple days and locations available.

You set your goals with Trainer John and he creates a customized program to get you to where you want to be.  Put your fitness needs first!

 Semi-private training for 2-6  people of your choice who are  all working towards similar  fitness goals.

WHAT IS                                       ?

LindalaPT is John Lindala's style of training.  With the goal of changing the way the fitness world works. The program design enables anyone, regardless of skill or ability level, to be able to work side by side. Whether your goal is to be a professional athlete or just be comfortable in your own body you have a home at LindalaPT.


At any class or one-on-one session you will be challenged. The goal is to build a solid foundation, to improve your body's function, and still have fun along the way. You will work, you will sweat, there is a chance you will cramp, but when you leave you will feel better. Everyday at LindalaPT you should expect the unexpected because no workout will be the same. Workouts can range from body weight training to heavy olympic lifting and you will find them equally demanding.


"My job as your trainer is to use my 15,000+ hours of experience to customize each and every workout just for you."

-Trainer John